North Jersey Antique Engine & Machine Club

A group dedicated to preservation and education of our mechanical past.


Restoration information:

Tractor Data:-
Great user supported site which is a growing database of specifications on both farm and lawn tractors.

Magneto Parts:-
Great source of parts for restoring your magneto to get your machine up and running.

Crawler Heaven:-
Source for parts related to crawler tractors.

Paint Codes:-
Listing of paint codes for tractors and equipment through the years provided by Yesterday's Tractors.

Continental Motor Parts:-
Source for parts to the old Continental engines used in some tractors and early powered implements.

Davenport Tractor:
Davenport Tractor manufactures parts for the antique John Deere Tractor line. Replacement parts for Two-Cylinder and New Generation tractors.

Country Living:

Cable TV channel for rural living.